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Tips to Know Before Looking For Roofing Contractors in Raleigh, N.C.

Posted on September 23, 2011 at 10:45 PM

There are a lot of Raleigh NC Roofing Companies and Roofing Contractors to choose from when it's time to perform your roofing services. Weather it be a "New Roof in Raleigh N.C.","Roof Replacement" or just a "Roof Repair" in Raleigh, Cary and Durham N.C.

Raleigh Roofing Contractor Selection Tips

If you need to hire a professional, local roofing contractor and you're ready to contact one or more Raleigh roofers to request an estimate, below are a few tips for your consideration.


How do I know if a Raleigh roofer is properly licensed and insured?



Hometown Roofing Contractors has done the initial homework for you. We call our prescreened roofing contractors "Hometown Verified" roofers. We've confirmed that these contractors offer a warranty on their workmanship and we've also screened these roofing companies for the appropriate state license (if required by your state) and liability insurance.


Hometown's screening process means the roofer produced a valid North Carolina license (if required) and insurance certificates at the time of the screening, but it's possible that the status of the license or insurance could have changed in the meantime. So, it's still recommended to ask to see evidence of the roofers' license and insurance certificates at the time of your estimate.


While Hometown checks for a valid roofing contractors license at the state level, we do not specifically check the roofing contractor licensing requirements of local and county municipalities, so it may be worthwhile to check if Raleigh roofing contractors are required to be licensed by the city or Wake County. Roofers that are required to be licensed by the state or local governments should be able to produce a certificate of their license at the time of the estimate.


How do I know if a particular Raleigh roofing contractor is the best for my project?


It's important to note that a roofing license or contractors license does not guarantee quality workmanship or that a particular roofer in Raleigh has the right skill set for your project. First, consider what requirements your particular project requires. Most experienced roofers have the skills necessary for a shingle roof replacement or roof repair. But if you're planning on a residential or commercial roofing project that will be using a material other than shingles, you may want to find a roofing specialist for that particular material or roof style.


Installing metal roofing or commercial roofing is a completely different process than the installation of asphalt shingles. So, if you prefer to install a new metal roof, find a contractor that has demonstrated expertise as a metal roofer. The same goes for tile roofing, slate roofs, shake roofs, or any other specialty material... find a roofing specialist for that kind of material.


What warranties are offered by Raleigh roofers to protect the homeowner?


There are two types of warranties a roofing contractor in Raleigh, North Carolina may offer. First is a roofing materials warranty, actually provided by the manufacturer of the shingles, tile roofing, or metal roofing material. Manufacturers usually offer different warranties depending on the grade of material you select. Less expensive shingles, tile, or metal roofing, usually carry a shorter warranty, as you might expect.


So make sure you understand what materials your roofer will be using and what the corresponding warranty is for those materials. What circumstances would void the roofing materials warranty?


The second kind of warranty is provided directly from the roof contractor. It's called a "Workmanship Warranty" or "Workmanship Guarantee." This is a warranty from a Raleigh roofing contractor that essentially guarantees that the installation was done properly. Depending on the language in the warranty, any roof leaks or other problems related to improper installation would be covered by the roofer. These warranties, if offered, are typically anywhere from one to ten years.


How many Raleigh roofing contractors should I get an estimate from?


There is no rule of thumb universally applicable to every homeowner. Since roofing estimates are usually free, it's never a bad idea to get more than one if you have the time. Roofing contractors in Raleigh that are credible should have no problem providing the estimate and any workmanship guarantees in writing.


Schedule your roof repair or replacement with the roofer that you trust and that offers the best overall value. As tempting as it is, Raleigh roofers should not be chosen on price alone. "Too good


 to be true" estimates are often provided by unlicensed and uninsured roofers. Hometown helps you find a roofing contractor that offers you the best overall value. Value includes a fair price and professional credentials -- license, insurance, a good workmanship warranty, and a proven track record of satisfied customers.                                                            The Original Source

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